Fibber’s Food Honey Glaze Dipping & Dressing Sauce

Mr. Eloim Ellis from Corozal Town founded Fibber´s Fast Food in 2003. In 2004 Mrs. Hortence Young from Belize City joined the establishment, they both have been the pioneers in establishing the brand name Fibbers Foods.
The secret gourmet sauce was first created exclusively to cater for the Fibbers Food restaurant on # 64 cemetery Rd., Belize City. However not long after customers started to ask for the sauce to be sold in stores. With this in mind Mrs. Young and Mr. Ellis teamed up and worked to perfect the sauce. They then established the new product brand and made the secret sauce available to the wider public.
Since 2004 the public has been able to enjoy of the secret sauce, firstly in Belize City and from there it has become available across the country.
Fibbers is a product which replaces ketchup, BBQ sauces and salad dressings all in one bottle. Fibber´s Sauces quickly won over Belizean hearts because of its multipurpose usage, the sauces are delicious on almost everything; it can be used to marinate, various types of meats, it could be used as a dipping sauce. It adds flavor and aroma to all foods.

The sauces are made through a unique brewing process and the duration per brewing is approx. 3 hours on fire of 350 degrees Fahrenheit. Sugar is cooked and converted into honey during the first process then all natural ingredients are added throughout the second half of the brewing.
Fibbers Food Products are distributed by the Belize Marketing & Development Corporation and Mr Ellis & Ms Hortence, sauces can be found at the Belize Shop #23 Lover’s Lane Orange Walk Town and most stores in the different towns and cities across Belize.

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