At the age of 24, Mrs. Laura Raymond started off in the banking industry working for Atlantic bank Ltd. Upon her first pregnancy Mrs. Laura Raymond decided to venture into becoming an Entrepreneur in Belize by producing quality local products of which the country can be proud of.
In 2004 Mrs. Laura Raymond introduced the famous Amarabi Marinade, with tagline, “Dis da fi we thing”.

Belizeans should take pride in purchasing this exquisite marinade, free of Mono-sodium Glutamate, and show support to motivated Entrepreneurs that are making the country of Belize known to the world for their quality Belizean flavors.
Amarabi marinade is made with freshly picked herbs and spices that can be found across the country of Belize. These are blended together to create a true taste of Belizean flavors. This, quality Belizean made product can be found in stores across the country of Belize and in the #1 stop shop for quality Belizean products called, The Belize Shop, located on #23 lover’s lane in Orange Walk Town.

Address: Belama Phase 2
Belize City, Belize C.A
Contact: 666-0525, 615-4966, 626-0606

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