• Assist in the economic development of Belize.
  • Ensure food security and the welfare of all citizens of Belize.
  • Enhance product development and marketing services.
  • Operate on an environmentally friendly sustainable and viable basis.
  • Collaborate with all development partners in Belize.
  • Provide secure long-term supplies of essential goods at stable economic prices.
  • Seek and develop opportunities to increase Belize’s export earnings.
  • providing competitive and fairly priced goods and services to consumers.
  • seeking and developing business opportunities in fields where Belize has competitive advantages or where Belizean community interests can be benefited.
  • responding quickly and efficiently to customer’s needs for quality service and quality products.
  • providing employees of the Corporation with a supportive work environment and career development opportunities.
  • Generating employment to assist with the economic development of Belize.
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