Visit us an discover how innovative thinking, leadership through service, and above all, our unwavering commitment to saving people money works to the benefit of producers and consumers. We provide an extensive variety of locally manufactured products at unbeatable prices. At the BMDC, we fervently believe that no family should have to choose between food that is good for them and food they can afford. Every citizen should have easy access to wholesome and healthy Belizean products, no matter where they live.

Also located in our Branch is the Belize Shop, This one of a kind shop offers a unique variety of 100% Belizean made products from all over the country. The shop offers a gratifying and patriotic shopping experience. The Belize Shop is the one stop location for all your quality “Made in Belize” products, its operations assist the many entrepreneurs in showcasing their products to the local and visiting populace.

The Belize Marketing & Development Corporation is committed to staying true to its mandate of housing, promoting and building awareness of the vastly growing verity of locally manufactured products. We’ll continue to be a rock for local manufacturers, providing a range of services designed to improve the way of life of local Argo-Processors. Moreover, we’ll continue to assist more customers do what they aspire to do for themselves and their families; to save money and live better & healthier lives.

San Lorenzo rd.
Orange Walk Town
Tel: 670-3842

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