The BMDC headquarter is located inside the government compound at 117 North Front Street, close to the Tourism village and the Myrab shopping center. The BMDC shares a building with other government offices and is located on the right wing, ground floor of the Government Building.

The Head quarters facility includes the main administrative offices, the BMDC conference area and a warehouse facility. Staff and management meetings are held at this location as well as staff workshops and training. The office facilities are also used for business discussions and planning sessions with the staff and SME’s personnel doing business with the BMDC.

Entrepreneurial support office offers assistance to small business and Entrepreneurs who are seeking assistance in market orientation and product development. Our personnel guides and small business ventures visit our offices.

The Branch marketing and distribution arm is equipped with a delivery truck and a cargo cycle for the ease of deliveries trough out the city and surrounding district businesses. The branch is serviced by a team of sales personnel, drivers, delivery assistants and warehouse management. Efficient delivery service is ensured through the use of cargo cycle for easy maneuvering throughout the cities narrow streets and busy lanes.

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