In an effort to further assist producers of Belize, The Belize Marketing & Development Corporation established a Honey Buying Center in 2017. This project was geared towards bringing the Northern Beekeepers together instead of competing among themselves, hence boosting Belize’s Honey Industry. The BMDC started off with workshops & capacity building sessions for Bee keepers from Northern Belize, therefore expanding even more professional knowledge to these organized cooperative groups/Beekeepers.

Belize Jewels Honey is sourced straight from the hives & is one of nature’s most valuable & tasty foods.  At Belize Jewels, we strive to provide our customers with honey that meets the highest quality standards.

For every time you eat Belize Jewels Honey, you support our local Beekeepers & their families. Belize Jewels Honey, 100% Natural & Pure!!! Extracted, packaged & delivered to you sweetly.


Packaged & Distributed by: The Belize Marketing & Development Corporation
Location: Honey Buying Center
Address: San Lorenzo rd., Orange Walk District
Tel: 670-3842

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