Belizean Homemade Jams

As a young woman Mrs. Clarita Molina grew up around motivated working women from 6/12 miles Cayo district, where she was thought to work hard for a living with her parents not being able to provide proper education for her & her sisters. Mrs. Molina then started a family of her own knowing the importance of working hard to provide for her household, she then set off to become an Entrepreneur 10 years after starting her family in the Cayo district, where she had to learn the proper process to create jams & jellies to sell in neighboring communities.
With the proper training from SBDC & the Bureau of Standards to properly produce, bottle & label quality homemade products, she then ventured into a small business of her own, selling quality produced jams & jellies in her community for 12 years & counting. Mrs. Molina then branched off & tried selling to other districts in the country of Belize & found it not only difficult but costly too. She then learned that The Belize Marketing & Development Corporation is assisting local farmers, producers & Argo-processors of Belize in marketing & distribution of quality produced products & can assist her to gain even more exposure of her local products.
Now you can purchase quality Belizean Homemade Jams in the entire Cayo district, Belize City, The Belize Shop in Orange Walk Town on #23 Lover’s lane & stores in Corozal Town,

6.5 miles Pine Ridge Road
Cayo District
Tel: 623-3490