Growing up in the small village of Bullet Tree in Cayo District, Mrs. Erleana Manzanero has always been working hard to assist in the production of PURE Cohune Oil. As a young girl Mrs. Manzanero grew up learning how to make the traditional; fresh Cohune Oil that she now sells at neighboring villages in Cayo District to earn a living for her & her children.
As per old days, Mrs. Manzanero sets out to the family “Fowler’s” farm in the wee hours of the morning to reap fresh Cohune seeds to begin the hard & timely process to produce Fresh Cohune Oil. The Fowler’s Farm is about ten (10) miles away from the center of the Cayo district, in feeder roads where there are an abundance of wild Cohune trees growing all around. After reaping Cohune seeds, she then proceeds to crack open these hard shelled nuts, with just using a vice to extract a white meaty substance which she then places in a deep pot for boiling on high fire for about two (2hrs.) on a traditional stove called a fire heart; fueled by forest logs which produces maximum heat that is needed to properly cook meat extracted from these wild hard shelled nuts.
After boiling Mrs. Manzanero then proceeds to fry boiled mix on low heat for about two hours (2hrs.) to extract PURE Cohune Oil to be bottled for sale. All this process is completed on family “Fowler’s” Farm from start to finish, you can purchase Fowler’s Work PURE Cohune Oil in the Cayo district, neighboring villages & at The Belize Shop in Orange Walk Town on #23 Lover’s Lane.

Mrs. Erleana Manzanero
Bullet Tree, Cayo district
Belize C.A
Tel: 601-8330

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