Green Clean

Green Care Products Ltd. (G CPL) is a limited liability company in existence since September, 2012. G CPL is a Belizean owned company in the business of supplying sustainable and technologically innovative “Green Products” and services for the hotel, restaurant, industrial and household sectors of Belize.

Our natural, Eco-friendly multi-purpose cleaner sanitizes, deodorizes and breaks down harmful chemicals to eliminate disease causing bacteria & mold, while preventing future toxins from establishing a population in any environment giving your home or business a fresh and natural clean.

The use of Green Clean reduces the presence of pathogenic bacteria, fungus, moles and mites as well as reduces bad odors while allowing a fresh fragrance. Due to its natural composition, Green Clean does not cause harm to the environment nor to your health.

Septic Aid is a biological product that is formulated naturally with sugarcane molasses. It is a brown solution made from the mixing of aerobic and anaerobic microorganisms. Septic Aid is made using Effective Microorganism Technology, which is a combination of non-toxic and beneficial fermenting microorganisms that include lactic acid bacteria, phototrophic bacteria and yeast.

Septic Aid was developed to address three critical components of sewerage waste within septic and septic-like structures that include: odor control, bacterial equilibrium and physicochemical integrity of the solid and liquid waste within.
Green Clean Products can be bought at supermarkets in Cayo District, Belize City, Belmopan City, The Belize Shop on #23 Lover’s Lane in Orange Walk District & Corozal District.

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