IXCACAO Mayan Belizean Chocolate

Established in July of 1985, IXCACAO Maya Belizean Chocolate: is a Farm to Bean processor of chocolate products.
Owner Mr. Juan Cho and Mrs. Abelina Cho in the village of San Felipe, Punta Gorda, our products are made using all organic Cacao Beans that are processed without the use of any artificial flavoring or synthetic stabilizers.
Mr. Juan Cho has been working along with Sustainable Harvest International promoting sustainable and organic farming methods to farmers in Belize, and other countries in Central America.

At the processing facility visitors can, not only experience Chocolate through tasting, but also engage in its primitive and modern production. This process allows our guests to learn more about healthy eating and appreciating our natural resources through chocolate. We strongly believe that “CHOCOLATE WILL SAVE THE RAIN FOREST”

Mrs. Abelina Cho impresses her guests with her traditional cooking skills preparing Chocolate Chicken, Pork and Fish and in whatever forms you wish to have your Chocolate. Her mouthwatering recipes, with the romantic Mayan touch will make you experience the taste of Belize at its best…..

IXCACAO, some of our products include chocolate bars in many flavors, cocoa buttes, powders, teas, and sweets… Our products are distributed by Belize Marketing & Development Corporation.

San Felipe Village
Toledo District
Belize Central America
PO Box. 179 Punta Gorda, Belize.

Email us: ixcacaochocolate@gmail.com
call us: (501) 742-4050