Lamanai Rum

Growing up in the Indian Church village in Orange Walk district as a farmer, Mr. Antonio Esquivel set his mind into becoming a sugar cane liquor producer & have his farm as a side benefit. Mr. Esquivel sot to be a direct competitor with the already famous Caribbean Gold rum with his final product called Lamanai Rum. After seeking information & directives from Belize Agriculture & Health Authorities, “BAHA” & The Bureau of Standards for producing his fine liquors Lamania Rum, Mr. Esquivel then sot assistance in marketing of his quality Belizean Made product with The Belize Marketing & Development Corporation.

After embarking on this journey Mr. Antonio Esquivel then started to sell to neighbors in the nearby villages to further boost sales & gain exposure of his quality Belizean liquor, Lamanai Rum. Lamanai Rum is now sold in The Belize Shop on #23 Lover’s lane, Orange Walk Town & distributed by The Belize Marketing & Development Corporation.
Produced by: Mr. Antonio Esquivel
Indian Church village, Orange Walk district
Belize C.A
Tel: 667-5463