The Le Chac Mol coconut oil is an authentic virgin coconut oil known for its aromatic and tasty flavors when cooking. Le Chac Mol boasts of its high quality pure virgin consistency.

Le Chac Mol is made by Chell’s family who have been producing and marketing this oil since 2010. The coconut oil is produced using a traditional method that is labor intensive but assures the highest quality of natural oil.

Carefully selected coconuts from all over the district are collected and processed; firstly the nuts are husked and then the fresh meat of the coconut is manually grinned and squeezed. The milk is then mixed with warm and cold water and left to sit. The oil is then heated on a fire heart and sieved to remove any small particles leaving a pure oil consistency.

Le Chac Mol Coconut oil is known to contain high levels of antioxidants compared to other coconut oils. No preservatives or chemicals are added to the oil. This superior quality virgin coconut oil has a shelf life of approximately 12 months. The Le Chac Mol Coconut Oil is recognized by the general public as one of the best coconut oils in Belize.

Business Address: One river side ally

Tel: (501) 667 3607


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