The Marigold Women’s Cooperative was founded in March 2011 by Ms. Mariana Shol. Mariana and a group of six motivated women originally focused on making and selling bread and cakes. The women eventually built a small house and began selling traditionally prepared Q’eqchi meals. In 2013, the group became a registered Cooperative and now is in pursuit of opening a restaurant.
One of the main goals of the Marigold Women’s Cooperative is to promote the Q’eqchi Mayan Culture by continuing their Mayan traditions and sharing them with others. The group members are also in the production of arts and craft products which they also sell at their local store.

The Marigold Women’s Cooperative has a food stall and offer catering service upon request and as a tourist attraction they also offer live cooking demonstrations. These ladies take great pride in promoting their food products as well as their crafts.

Indian Creek Village
Toledo District
Telephone: 620-6084

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