Baking Pot Foods

The Agro-processing facility is divided into two sections. The first section is an area that existed from 1980 and was used as a soil laboratory. It measures approximately 25ft × 40 ft. This area has a staff changing room, equipment & utensils room, ingredients storage room and the Agro-processing office. It was renovated in the year 2015 where new windows and tiles were installed, it was re-painted and a purling’s roof tops was also put in place to prevent water from entering into the facility when it rains. The second section was constructed and inaugurated in the year 2009 by the Ministry of Agriculture in collaboration with the Republic of China Taiwan Technical Mission. This section measures approximately 60 ft × 40 ft. the area is used for the processing of products, research and product display. The unit is an incubator facility that is fully equipped with various machines and equipment’s that were donated by the Taiwan Technical Mission.
The Agro-processing Unit focuses on product research and development for the transformation of local produce into value added agricultural products as well as the transfer of technology for Agri-business development to improve income generation and food security.

Activities by Agro-processing Unit:

  • Conducts research & development
  • We use the local agricultural produce to develop healthy, natural products, which add value to local agricultural industry. It also successfully introduced dehydration technology and many other products to the Belizean people.
  • Educate by facilitating training sessions for processors, women’s group, farmers and vocational students in product development, GMP’s, HACCP and Good food handling practices.
  • Assists small and medium entrepreneurs by enhancing existing products. E.g. extend product shelf life, enhancing labeling and packing of products…
  • Promotes the use of post-harvest produce and chemical free products.

The unit processes products and supplies The Belize Shop which is managed by the Belize Marketing Development Cooperation with local and chemical free products. Both partners signed the consignment on February 6, 2015. Currently the Agro-processing unit is supplying the Belize Shop with five different products.

  • Belizean Pepper Sauce 10oz
  • Salsa Casera 16oz
  • Jalapeno Pepper 16oz
  • Pineapple Jam 16oz
  • Papaya Jam 16oz
  • Cassava Flour
  • Red Kidney Re-fried Beans

Agro-processing Product brand name:

In August 2015 a joint market logo and brand of BMDC and Agro-processing Unit was developed. The Belize Marketing and Development Corporation and the Agro-processing Unit of the Ministry of Agriculture play and integral role in the development, diversification and promotion of high quality, local, agriculture based and processed products, thereby reducing post-harvest losses and providing new income generation avenues for farmers and Agro-processors to improve their livelihood, and contribute to the food and nutrition security of Belize.

Tag Line: Taste it, live it, love it… (You have to taste the product, to live the experience and to fall in love with it)

Brand name: Baking Pot Foods.

Brand Objective: To promote the Central Farm Agro-processing unit as a reliable producer of high quality and affordable products.

Personality of the Brand: Quality, consistency, reasonable price, nutritious, trustworthy, great taste.

Brand Promise: Local produce, consistent high quality, value for money, assisting local producers.

Research, Development & Innovation Center
Central Farm
Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries, Forestry, Sustainable development and the Environment
Cayo District
Tel: 824-2123