Cookies, especially ginger cookies are a local delight in Orange Walk town. As an avid baker Mrs. Sharon Pollard ventured into making ginger cookies for her family and neighbors. The ginger cookies very quickly gained popularity in the community and Ms. Pollard recognized the opportunity for a small business venture. Ginger is one of the healthiest tubers that grows naturally in the Belizean land. The need for healthy products then led Ms. Pollard to venture into creating other ginger based products.

Mrs. Sharon has now ventured into the creation of crystallized ginger otherwise known as Candied Ginger. After perfecting this new product Ms. Pollard with the assistance of her husband ventured into the commercialization the product across Belize.

Mullins Creek Ginger products named after the Mullins River which runs through Ms. Pollards natal home in the Stann Creek District, carries ginger based products of unmatching quality that stand out and easily becomes your personal favorite.
The Mullins Creek Ginger products are now available in major supermarkets across the country of Belize.

Business Name: Mullins Creek Ginger Products
Business Owner: Mrs. Sharon Pollard
Business Address: One riverside Ally, Orange Walk District
Tel: +501-627-7153

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