Papanero Pickled Pepper

Growing up in the Corozal District he was always fund of a Local fruit in Belize called, Papaya or Paw Paw After a couple years passed Mr. James “Jimmy’ Gegg then wanted to start a Franchise in beautiful Corozal Town, deriving from his favorite fruit Papaya, he came up with his Product Line Brand name called “Papanero”, making his first (1st) product; “Papanero Pickled Pepper”. He then started to give samples of his newly made Belizean Product to neighbors & family members, then after complements started to come in from different sources saying; “Papanero is the proper competition for the famous Maria Sharp’s Pepper”, others said; “Bwai yuh peppa di lick”.

Now with guidance from The Belize Bureau of Standards, training in small business development, “SBDC”, training on proper food handling skills & determination, Mr. James “Jimmy” Gegg now knew he needed more assistance in accessing the local market to present his now famous, Papanero Pickled Pepper. After selling to stores in CCorozal District, Mr. Gegg now wanted ALL Belizeans to have a taste of his Quality Belizean Made Product; he then sot the assistance of The Belize Marketing & Development Corporation. Papanero Pickled Pepper is now sold at Supermarkets in Orange WALK Town, The Belize Shop on #23 Lover’s Lane; Orange Walk, Supermarkets in Corozal Town & Supermarkets in Belize City.


Mr. James “Jimmy” Gegg
Paraisso Village
Corozal District
Belize C.A
Tel: 605-0159