Founded in 2015 the best turmeric paste on earth, making a positive impact on your health, communities and the environment.


We want to make a healthier you, easier – Our Indian ancestors have known for centuries that turmeric is a powerful super food recognized for its anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, antibacterial, and antiviral properties.

Unlike powdered turmeric, which is boiled and dried, loosing many of its essential oils in the process, Truly Turmeric is a fresh turmeric paste using the whole root to ensure the natural compounds remain potent and intact.

We combine whole turmeric root with coconut oil, sea salt, and fresh lime juice to make accessing the powerful benefits of turmeric easy and delicious – just add half a teaspoon to any juice or smoothie recipe or one tablespoon to any soup or curry.


We support local produce and organic farming practices. Turmeric requires no agricultural inputs and is naturally drought resistant. Our products are produced without the use of herbicides or pesticides. We aim to reduce our environmental footprint wherever possible and are always looking to improve our practices from our farmers’ fields to your home.


We believe in a brighter future for all – our ingredients are ethically sourced in partnership with Belizean farmers. By strengthening growers’ livelihoods farmers are able to invest in quality education, health care, improved nutrition, and much more building a brighter, secure future for their families and communities.

Naledo is a family owned and operated social enterprise. We are committed to being a better business for better lives.
Our core values guide everything we do and help us stay true to our goals of providing products that improve health, are sustainable, and empower communities.

2016 FOA.IFAD Award for “Good Practices for Strengthening Youth Rural Employment in the Caribbean”

2016 Innovation Award – Belize

Address: Punta Gorda District, Belize C.A.
Tel: +501-722-0405 or +1 778-322-2750
Website: naledo.com


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