Mrs Amparito Itza and Mrs. Apolonia Balan and other family members got together into a group to start processing some of the extra fruits and vegetables that came around seasonally in the Cayo district. The group then saw it fit to develop a plan for the business. Soon after production started to expand and other persons outside of the family, mostly single mothers, started to join the venture. the group eventually got to 10 members all of the Cayo area. In 2009 the group through the assistance of the Cooperatives Department formally registered as a cooperative. The new cooperative was named “Women’s Argo-Processing Association” WAPA.

Agro-processed products produced by the “WAPA” Cooperative are sold in the vicinity and to schools in the Cayo District, especially those with feeding programs. The sales generated are utilized to maintain their production facility and the profits are shared among the members. Group members also receive training on proper health practices & business planning workshops are conducted for the single mothers. The group continues to promote healthy eating and the use of locally produced products.

Production entails mostly seasonal fruits such as; mango, pineapple, papaya, etc. All fruits are preserved for 3 months before the production of jams and jellies can commence. Products from the Women’s Argo-processing Association can be found in stores in Cayo District, Belize City and in Orange Walk town at The Belize Shop at #23 Lover’s Lane.

Address: Cayo District, 7 miles
Telephone: 651-2752

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